Hoe phase

I guess you are all familiar with the phrase and the stigma associated with it, mostly among the females. To most men, sex matters a lot (unless their junk isn’t working well). Mostly because they are “allowed” to be exposed to it earlier than we women are. This phase generally involves having an open mind,exploring […]

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Self hypnosis

Self-hypnosis This a naturally occurring state of mind that can be defined as a heightened state of focused concentration.it can be used to change your thinking, kick bad habits and taking better control of you.it may help in pain management ,anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, obesity, asthma . When mastered, it can improve concentration, recall, enhance […]

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Started of quite well for real. That week I had a series of activities going on in my life and eating was eating me up; I had assessment, cats, assignments due, presentations and still had rotations going on.so I was really happy that school had been suspended indefinitely. That would only mean one thing, I […]

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Am fine

Am fine because i was once fine😊 just because i don’t want to bother you😑..just because i don’t want you to judge me..just because i dont want to be misunderstood..am fine..i once made a mistake that somehow made me regret..that left me shedding tears each moment 😢😭..now my tear glands are dry😩…no more drop of […]

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Lonely thoughts

Coming home😊, throwing off your clothes 🤗 and making yourself comfortable in your rocking chair 😵with a number of duvets 😋🎉 with slow love filled music in the air…watch the raindrops racing down the windowpane 👏🙃…is so far the greatest level of comfort and peace you will ever have….these are the moments where thoughts run […]

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