Is it worth it?

Is it worth it to live,when you dont see the purpose?To wake up each morning with new hopesIs it worth it to  see another day rise giving you new opportunities,While the sun  will set  with you crying for your failure?You tell me ,is it? Is it worth it to work and you can’t eat or […]

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Story time!!!

“I hate you so much,it has always been about you,whatever the circumstance ,you will make it all about yourself ,inconsiderate ain’t enough to explain you ,you are in despicable…” she went on and on . The words stung and as much as I hate to admit it,I felt the hot drops falling off my eyes […]

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Are you still doing this?stop!!!

“Hey there,I hope you are doing good,we need to talk?” This text would immediately heighten whoever’s nerve sensations ,whoever you are,you can’t help it. “Shoot,am all ears” you tapped the words on your screen and hit the send key. “I don’t think I can do this for reason A,B,C…..”you didn’t expect that,or probably you did. […]

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Some years back,while most the millennial babies were in the primary section,there was this song ,Merimela 😂😂.The song was actually a hit and it was the longest song I think I have ever watched or listened to…It was almost six minutes if not seven. Point is,it was super long. I would listen to the song […]

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Caught in a love triangle?

Some time back,I dated this douchebag. No offence ,but he was actually a douchebag. I would use the name “Summer” instead. Summer was quite a good looking guy,slightly above average. Here’s the tea,a childhood friend of mine who knew that i was really close to Summer,but had no idea it was more than that texted […]

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My perfect day would definitely start with waking up without pressure. Am one of those people that if awaken would result to a very nasty mood the whole day. Alarms have the same effect ,but that would be temporary,because it is self-inflicted 😂😂. Shining rays of the sun through the splits of the curtain would […]


Dealing with a narcissist.

You may have heard of a narcissism or be dealing with a narcissist without having an idea what that it. Narcissists are everywhere and am actually tired of dealing with them, personally. They are more or else, people with an extremely high esteem on the outside (in most cases, they are insecure and unsure on […]

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Ladies shooting their shots???

Hey ladies ,am so sure you have met this hot  dude that you almost immediately fell head over heels for .But sadly, he doesn’t seem to notice you or even look your way. If he actually does,,,,He doesn’t make the move 😏.(the nerve 😡,how cant he notice such a masterpiece)*I have been in such instances […]

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Toxic relationships

We have always had to deal with a person or more that had left us feeling drenched and worn out. They have us having this notion of “its not them ,its us”. There is this person that has had us bending over ourselves to please them. They have us questioning our “oversensitivity”,”over reactivity” and tendency […]

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Just the other day when i was going through statuses,I came across a meme that asked Google how much clowns earn in a year. I was amazed to be honest,considering how big a clown l had been a few months ago,l would have been a billionaire by now. Basically,clowning is any behaviour in dating and […]

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