Anyone who thinks am his or her type?

Well,,you are right,,am all things as you say,
From morning to evening I rumble and craze to make my day,
I dance to no music because it is just my way,
I  write my mind for my paint to lay.

It is crazy that one time am the sweetest you ever would think of,
I talk ,cheer and bad vibes send off,
If it would make you laugh,I will fake an ogre’s cough
It’s all I do when it is all about people I care of.

The next moment I am all withdrawn away,
I would  sit and think my happiness away,
I will snob and send my friends away,
I will literally cut the glow of my future away.

For love and attention I would crave,
But catch me dead,ever demanding for it
Okay,, I will throw in here and there,,, but in I will never cave,

but that’s all I have to give

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