For a moment I thought, my stars had aligned,
I felt like everything was feeling in place,
It all felt just right
But it is all coming down
I was so caught up in the moment,
I wish I could see it coming but I didn’t.

For a moment you made me feel like a rose,
You gave me room to grow and glow,
You opened doors that I had  closed
You broke all the walls I had steadily built,
You gave me the strength to stand tall
Just like a rose

You asked for a chance to prove it to me,
I opened  my heart cautiously,
But you played quite a role in making me
throw caution to the wind 🌬️
I saw forever with you 😊
For a moment you promised the world

You promised never to make me cry
You promised never to make me sad
You promised to never break my heart,
And yes,for a moment I believed
I guess it’s time to let it go 😊

I played along and my heart sang in tune with yours,
For a moment I would rather had died than leave without  you,
I wish I had kept the walls up
But I didn’t
I didn’t see it coming,,,all I saw was forever 😭

For a moment,when I saw you,I saw my whole life
No one can see what’s weighing in my mind
Because you are the only one that could
Now that,you are no more,
It’s a burden I will have to carry
Till I cant anymore
I will have to tread the world as I did before I met you

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