Am baaackkk!!!

Been quite a while,,,but what’s important is that am baaackkk!!!and all excited. Am not sure I have a valid strong topic in mind,but here we go,,have you ever lost yourself in an effort of regaining yourself?

I knooow,,, but yeah,,,I have,,not once,not twice,,,a million times that I have tried to retrieve my soul from the darkest bottomless pits.

I can say this,without any fear of opposition from y’all…that Everytime you make an effort to find yourself,,you sink deeper. It could be because of so many reasons. Briefly let’s check on some,

1. What you don’t know ,wouldn’t hurt you. The cliched phrase is all true,,take my word for it,,,like when you realise you are lost,,you will be all but confident of yourself,you will be desperate to regain what you were,,,and not being sure of yourself would do the worst of damages you could ever imagine . You will take in whatever your environment,that is friends,family,siblings and acquaintances,,you will believe and see yourself as they see you. It can be a nice thing,but it so more tragic than nice. Only you should define you.

2. Desparacy would make you vulnerable. See,when you are desperate you can cling or anything that suggests help. And at times,it could be negative and would bring you more damage than good. Before you take that offer or path ,think twice.

A little advice that I came across as I was trying to be the me that I was is outlined below. Hope at the end,,you will implement them and get yourself feeling magavelous,😂😂wait,,don’t panic,,that ain’t even a word,,I just cooked it up to mean,,amaziiinnngg feeeellliiinnng!! Am literally singing that in the highest pitch you could think of. Back to business,,here we go,

1. Be everything but idle,do everything you can,read books,exercise,go out,create diys,,,just anything you find it interesting,to take your mind away from the sinking thoughts.

2. Work on your insecurities,if that flabby stomach,makes you want to scream to the universe on being against you,,stop screaming and exercise. If brokeness makes you desperate as my case,,take time to think of ways to get money,,be innovative and earn that extra coin.

3. Write out all the negative feeling and burn the writings out,one by one. It works best if you are a loner and you don’t fancy speaking out your issues to people. Writing works that part as much as talking.

4. Slow down and breathe. Whatever you feel is working you up can be worked on tomorrow,,so relax,,have sometime to your self,and regain your energy. Take that time to just see the positivity of life.

5. Last but not least,take some time off social media. Social media comes with a lot of pressure that would drown you as you try to fit in and be what the world want you to be. So,getting off the media can actually do you some good as you figure yourself out with just the subconscious mind taking control because the original you is in the subconscious part of you,,while the conscious you has been corrupted by all other external elements.

Any time you can,look into the mirror and speak to the subconscious on who you want to be ,,,it works magic,,,I promise you🤩🤗.

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