Putting labels.

My greatest fear has always been putting labels to people,feelings, things but I do it anyway. Putting labels comes with expectations, and expectations can destroy someone so bad.

Am not sure on how to explain the putting labels thingy,but I will try. You might have met this person ,who fascinates you big time ,in my case,when I met skittles, I labelled it my best friend,,I saw my future with it,5 years later, old and furry….but look at us now…I have no idea how it is doing…

Another scenario ,is experiencing a new feeling,,,you can’t actually put a finger on it and say this is what am feeling. This is the one,I am very scares of. I at times label distaste as hatred and when my brain registers that,,,its over for whoever I had the distaste towards because I would build on the hatred.

Or I could be so fond of someone, and instead of rocking with the feeling till am sure what it is,,I label it whatever I want it to be. I don’t know of you understand me.

There are two sides of it when putting labels,if you are right then you actually build on it and have something great..If not,you would be evoking expectations and limitations to yourself.

Expectations have always been my poison,so I am not an advocate for putting labels,let’s ride till whenever,if not forever.

If you ask me what’s your position is in my life,I might disappoint big time or I might alleviate you than the actual scenario. I would never say thongs as they are,I literally block my mind and say what will favour me.

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