My 20th birthday

Where do I start? It has been actually the best I have ever had in a century. I swear am the luckiest in the world.

It started with a great surprise with my pretty soul,Purity. I swear the video was and still is so sweet…I still cannot get enough of it. I am not easily taken away with stuff but I was,,,I literally teared up.Thanks Purity and taking up the hustle of sending a gift all the way,though I haven’t picked it. I treasure you big time. You started my birthday at a really high note.

I woke up quite early because I really couldn’t sleep. I answered some birthday messages then went to the living room. My dad literally sang me the birthday song, it was so sweet. You should have seen my mum,she burst into some dance.I mean,what more would I ask for.

If that wasn’t enough,my close friends, Dallote ,Washington ,Ann,and my family dedicated their day to make mine a blast. I am so grateful .I was having the best day with random games,music and fun.

Amidst the shoot by my saviour small eyed photographer who jumped in last minute(I am grateful big time for your flexibility),I had the greatest surprise for the day.

I still think, Bevon was an accomplice, but okay. So,this friend of mine,allegedly sought to look into the cake for me from miles. The plan was to order the cake and have it delivered to the venue in the afternoon hours.

I was getting impatient with time,since it was already 3 and the cake wasn’t there. But I kept myself distracted with the photo session.

So again,Beeeaaaaavvvoonn tried to direct my attention to this lady coming into the gate,with something that went like,”Is that your mum ,whom we are waiting for?”.Honestly,I shrugged it off and continues with the session.

Then I saw her,…honestly I was dumbfounded and I really didn’t know how to react,so I feigned anger so that I wouldn’t have teared. Lame,right? She had said that she was so far and couldn’t make it. And now here she was as the delivery lady.

Pedacito,I am so super happy for your presence, it really ,I don’t know how to say it… But you know it. You are the best I swear. I am so grateful I have you in my life. Yes I do like surprises but not big ones like those,what if I would have died?What would you have told people. But I do love you so much .You highlighted my day.

I still don’t know how to thank you all for making my day so perfect.My parents came too and we had a large shoot and my day was fulfilled..I had my best friends and family with me,what more would I have asked?

Thank you so much and I love you so so so so much!!!!Credits..This isn’t enough to explain my gratitude,but I really am grateful. The messages,gifts,mpesa notifications,presence,songs and surprises.I love you all.

14 thoughts on “My 20th birthday

  1. I would tell the people your story😂😂😂😂
    I love you so much baby girl💯💯❤❤
    I couldn’t miss your 20th birthday for anything in the world😍😍😍
    I’m happy I made your day


  2. Well then. Always happy for you anytime baby girl….welcome to the adulthood life. I am happy we made your day one of a kind. Friends are s gift😍😍

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