Is it worth it?

Is it worth it to live,when you dont see the purpose?
To wake up each morning with new hopes
Is it worth it to  see another day rise giving you new opportunities,
While the sun  will set  with you crying for your failure?
You tell me ,is it?

Is it worth it to work and you can’t eat or dress right ?
Is it worth it to try knowing you will fail?
To toil from dawn to dusk,yet going to bed hungry?
Is it worth holding on,hoping for a better tomorrow ?
Is it??
Is it worth it to have a heart,just to have it broken?
Is it worth it showing your vulnerability ,just to be labelled weak or desperate ?
Is it worth it crying yourself to sleep when you have a choice to sleep in peace forever?
Is it worth it hoping the skies would have remorse and things work your way?
Is it worth it to hold on?

Is it?
Is it worth it resuscitating the dead?
Is it worth it loving the  heartless?
Is it worth it building what destroyed you?
You tell me,
How much more can you hold on?
Is it worth holding on?

11 thoughts on “Is it worth it?

  1. Yes
    yes it is all worth it
    You have to fall to fly
    There are brighter days coming…you just have to hold on and keep working and praying and believing
    God will at his time make everything align in your favor
    Good things take time
    So yes
    It is worth it

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  2. Good things always come from the bad experiences we’ll find true happiness somebody who will accept you with your flaws and insecurities… Try again it’s worth it

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  3. This is really awesome. Everything will be worth if the time is right and the intention is positive…keep doing what you doing love

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