Story time!!!

“I hate you so much,it has always been about you,whatever the circumstance ,you will make it all about yourself ,inconsiderate ain’t enough to explain you ,you are in despicable…” she went on and on .

The words stung and as much as I hate to admit it,I felt the hot drops falling off my eyes ,I was heartbroken. In normal circumstances ,I would have confronted back,but I didn’t ,I just looked away and took in every utterance,swallowing up the pain ,hurt and anger built within me.

I walked out and dropped in bed sobbering it all out,as though some legendary idea just popped in my head .I got up ,wiped off the moistness of my face and went back to everyone .I can’t allow her have the last word,I had to say something.

Hardly had I started pouring my piece of mind out,my voice broke 😪😪and I couldn’t say it all,I tried again,but i sounded more like some weird bird cooing 😂😂.My father called me to sit next to him,since I was losing it .

I didn’t know I could cry that much. She came on me with other piercing words,”You toxic asf,I always hate it when you are around. You should realise that everyone got temperance and you better learn to keep up and adjust,and not make it all about me….it would have been better if it was just me,but you toxic to everyone around you,your girlfriend confirmed it.”

You guessed right,i tried to speak up,but it was a terrible fail😪😪😩😩. l was miserable,I had cried so much,that my head ached so bad. I had even started believing everything she said.

I saw myself like this monster that no one wants to be around ,I saw myself like this plague that everyone is striving to avoid. I just wanted to keep everyone and be at bay. I wished to be alone. I set my mind,to break it off with everyone I considered close to save them the trouble of dealing with me. Suicidal thoughts kept my mind up till 2 am in the morning when I fell asleep.

I tried narratives,comment if its worth trying it out😂💪💪thanks in advance.

20 thoughts on “Story time!!!

  1. You’re an incredibly stunning girl..u are so brilliant.. Brave u..i love ur brain.. God reward you more..this is so mesmerizing dear..keep going…u have the capability of printing out your own book..God bless!

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