Are you still doing this?stop!!!

“Hey there,I hope you are doing good,we need to talk?”

This text would immediately heighten whoever’s nerve sensations ,whoever you are,you can’t help it.

“Shoot,am all ears” you tapped the words on your screen and hit the send key.

“I don’t think I can do this for reason A,B,C…..”you didn’t expect that,or probably you did. You are definitely hurt and your mind is racing on ways to deal with the pain. Some would resort to sleep,drink,blast the music and dance the tension away. You can do all sorts of things.

You settle on choosing the next victim .Probably it is someone that has liked you for a while and you want a distraction to help you get over the other person.


It’s all nice and honeymoonly intriguing till you get bored,he wasn’t what you needed or wanted. He was just some random guy that happened to be around when you needed a distraction and he served it right .

You probably would be repulsed to do it right,so you act being in love ,and for how long would that last,,

You get tired and break it off,or rather,he notices and gets ahead of you in breaking things off. Are you happy now?? Do you know what you just did to him?

You would have used and discarded the poor soul and its so sad if he had actually fallen for you. He might have issues believing in love,thanks to you.

And you would have gotten back to square one,because you hadn’t really healed. You had just pushed it back in your head,with a temporary distraction and when it is retrieved,you have two broken hearts instead of one. Plus guilt served as a topping.

It would be nice if the latter had not happened because you could avoid it. The first heart break was inevitable ,it was not in your hands to prevent it,so you just should have taken it all and allow yourself heal as times goes by.

You are human and you might feel overwhelmed,and am not saying its easy .If you can afford ,get a psychologist or a therapist… whatever you would call them.

If you can’t or find it to be on the extreme end,get the support from friends and family. Talk about it till it hurts no more. Cry. Be dramatic, you have every right to.It will be only for a while.

Take the time to heal,so that you would be of a positive impact to the next person that steals your heart,and would probably build it to be something permanent.

Meanwhile ,work on yourself because you are probably the most dig

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