Some years back,while most the millennial babies were in the primary section,there was this song ,Merimela 😂😂.The song was actually a hit and it was the longest song I think I have ever watched or listened to…It was almost six minutes if not seven. Point is,it was super long.

I would listen to the song and be like…the hell is wrong with this girl. You all know the story line of the song. She was a nice intelligent kid with morals then slowly turned to something close to a whore,barren ,hopeless and everything not nice.

At one point,she was involved with teachers,which at this time,we would call such ‘sponsors’.

I am not sure if its really a thing because,#facts check,ladies always prefer an older guy,because men mature slowly 😂😂that is,if they mature at all.

Its science,so people of the other gender 😂😂please don’t take offence. The rate of maturity in females is quite high compared to males,hence the preference.

Another reason ,ladies prefer older men,is probably because they want someone that has gone past the hustling stage. They dont want to start small,I mean,who would want to,when there is an option of starting big.

The big headache comes in the extent of age difference .I can’t pinpoint on a certain range and say this is okay and this one is not,and this blog isn’t the gospel that must be followed .Its just an opinion.

Dealing with a man with a boy’s thinking ain’t easy so I believe older men are the tea,just not one of two decades or three older😩😩. Even the thought is just disgusting ,the old man is tired let him take care of his kids .Aaahh!!!

Its out. If you go for a man that old,they are a number of things you should have in mind.

I am imagining,you are like 22 or something. Two decades plus sums to around 42,at this age the man should be married,unless there is something terribly wrong with me. Lets try each option,if he okay and he is married ,you instantly become a homewrecker whichever turn your relationship takes. If you like the sound of that,then girl,you are really something.

He takes you out and give you all that money can get you. He tells you all you want to hear,and at the moment you are so happy and feel fulfilled .You are treading on wheels,your age mates have not had a taste of. What more would you want. He is even paying the rent of a super cozy and expensive apartment. You are so happy.

Onr afternoon ,you are watching the clouds from your balcony,you receive a call from a strange number,you pick it and a distraught woman shouts to your ear to leave her husband alone .You scared and hang up,you call your old man and stops by after his work hours.

He arrives and expects you to be in some skimpy lingerie he got you,I mean,why else would you call him. You try to explain to him,the problem and he is not in the mood ,he has this one agenda in mind that should be fulfilled. You guessed right ,SEX

You let him have his way,then as he is dressing up to leave,you mention the call to him .You have never seen the old man so shocked and scared before. The shock is clearly written in his eyes and between his wrinkles as he picks his coat and car keys and leaves immediately. He just ran off to save his marriage,that’s where you know you are just an entertainment and his family is still at heart.

You get angry and disgusted and ran off to cry yourself in the bed,you both just lay on. You hear your phone beep,”Hey babe,I think we should take a break while I sort things out with my wife.”You cry yourself off to sleep. In the morning,you wake up nauseous and you puke your heart out. Flashlightsss!!!!

You call one of your laid back besties and she brings you a pregnancy kit and you positive. You probably are feeling more confused right now. Torn between excitement because you feel you can get the old man to yourself now and worry because you are not sure of his reaction. You text your old man and you get an immediate reply,he wants you to meet up.

He gives you a large sum of man to’ take care of it’. That’s when you see your life falling apart. He cuts off communication and there you are. Broke with a plus one,whatever decision you make has dire circumstances .

Back to the second option,he is not married .He hasn’t married anyone all those years,what makes you think ,you would be any different. Your story might turn out as above .Or even worse,you will have to deal with whatever shortcomings he had, which could actually be anything ,and what for,the easy money. Is it really worth it?

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  1. Before you get involved with any man especially married think of the reason he is not satisfied with his wife, put your self in the wife’s shoes. If divorced the circumstances of divorce coz you may be inheriting disaster.

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  2. I think we all start somewhere, date someone, build something together,, it shouldn’t always be that ladies should always go for already established men.. this isn’t an appropriate mindset.

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