My perfect day would definitely start with waking up without pressure. Am one of those people that if awaken would result to a very nasty mood the whole day. Alarms have the same effect ,but that would be temporary,because it is self-inflicted 😂😂. Shining rays of the sun through the splits of the curtain would be a perfect scenario of a great morning.

I get off the bed and put on my old school RnB playlist as I go through my morning work out routine .Its not that I do the work out everyday ,I am lazy asf and most times,I will prefer to spend that extra hour snuggling in bed with my teddy and kitten,Skittles.

I would be all heated up when am done with the workout and a cold shower would do me much good. At this point,the playlist would be some jam,African vibes ,am basically a very talented performer and musician in the showers. 😂😂😂you can never find out this,but take my word for it.

I am a very hardworking person behind the scenes,so a productive day would be it. For a normal college student,staying in bed all day and watching movies would deem perfect ,but its quite the opposite. That would produce a totally negative impact in me and i would feel drained at the end of the day.

Before I do anything else or leave the house,I take a cup of coffee .This is very important to me as its gives me the energy and happy mood to set off my day. I write down my to do list for the day and things that need to be achieved at the end of the day.

At the end of a productive day,be it financially,academically,emotionally or whatever way,I go through the to do list I put together in the morning and check off my achievements. What could be more perfect than checking them all out.

A quiet evening with coffee on my side table and a classical playlist till I drift off would be the end of my perfect normal day .At no point have I mentioned social media,because at its least ,its draining ,the competition out there is raging and makes me feel like am at my worst yet am really trying tp be at my best.

No one deserves to feel that .You can’t help comparing the achievements people have posted in the social media can make you feel like you haven’t done a speck of what needs to be done .The only competition you should have is against yourself and checking out all your day’s achievement is the milestone you should be aiming for.

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