Ladies shooting their shots???

Hey ladies ,am so sure you have met this hot  dude that you almost immediately fell head over heels for .But sadly, he doesn’t seem to notice you or even look your way. If he actually does,,,,He doesn’t make the move 😏.(the nerve 😡,how cant he notice such a masterpiece)*
I have been in such instances myself and the haunting feeling of what ifs never end .
If you had actually made your move your own way. It doesn’t have to be something so loud like,”l like you handsome please go out with him.”.That would be so weird and uncomfortable for the both of you,especially if it’s the first time. You could just start a random conversation and speak on something that interests you and smile all through. Your smile can actually captivate his soul,you never know.Or go all the way in,both feet into the water admitting you like him. The story might have been a lil bit different.

I asked a number of people on their thoughts on this and got a few reviews. The reactions were different,from extreme ends of “Naaah that would be an act of desperacy” and “that’s quite a bold move for ladies and signifies a go-getter because and i quote ..

We, ladies fear rejection more than we fear bad make up.

I think we all agree its quite a move for a lady to shoot her shot on a guy in this times and its becoming quite a culture as much as we don’t talk about it.

There are two sides of a coin in this,rejection and the beginning of a love story. Who doesn’t fear rejection??Everyone is afraid of it as the other but nothing good comes easy ,so one would have to step up and risk .The society has made the impact of rejection to women to be more intense than in men,hence,men can risk giving it a shot.

I feel like I would be scared of having to punish myself thinking how it could be if I had just told him how l felt about him instead of letting prejudice overwhelm me. Its not definite that the answer would be a NO. So am really for ladies shooting their shots when they feel the need to.

Reasons why i would definitely support ladies shooting their shots.

  • Lets face it,some guys are super shy and can’t express themselves as a normal guy would do. You like him and he likes you,you both fear rejections and don’t make the move. You head different directions thinking of the other and that would be ending something sweet before it even starts. Sad,right
  • Its time that ladies actually went for the guys they actually wanted and not have to choose between those that follow them. In most circumstances you find that the guys making their moves aren’t what you really had in mind .Why settle for that when you could actually get that one who your eyes are actually set on.
  • You don’t want to kill yourself with “what if” questions. You will have doubts of the turn out of your move .You might light a really sweet flame you never know,and if he says no…it wouldn’t kill you ..would it? Give it the benefit of doubt.
  • Your ideal man wouldn’t be sitting around waiting to shoot his shot on you. You like a guy and he hasn’t seen you probably because his mind is preoccupied with his to-dos and go-tos.
  • A bold woman is attractive .Go get what you want without caring what people will say .After all you are getting him for you,not your friends or family.
  • Equity,yes am a feminist and i ain’t going back on this.. Don’t settle for being chosen just because you are a lady. We ain’t objects meant to sit and wait for someone interested to pick.(no offence intended)
  • Time waits for no man/lady. You could be getting older and older sitting around,nearing your menopause while waiting for the man of your dreams to notice you. Please go out there,pick the man you want and make him love your character and personality if he can’t notice your face.
  • People would talk either way,so that fear of people would say am desperate. So what sis??? At the end of the day you will get your man .If worse came to worst,they will still talk and they will forget it as soon as another drama comes up.

You have your reasons to shoot your shot and you should be restrained by your doubt of the outcome. It can go either way,it would actually be so nice if you rewrite your stars by that move,but if not,baby girl move on to the next guy & SHOOT THAT SHOT!!!

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